A. Sourcing

The Production Process

Ideally, steps 2-5 are carried out in parallel with steps A-D. The more these steps progress in unison and inform each other the more smooth your technical design, development and production process will be.

We’re here to ensure that the complete combined process runs as smoothly as possible from beginning to end, and therefore our service offer supports your every step of the way!

For a reminder of how these steps progress in unison, take another look at the Design, Development & Production Process Graph.

We offer a Sourcing service for;

  • Fabrics

  • Trims

  • Manufacturers

  • Sampling houses

  • Dye/Wash houses

  • What do we need to source? - The first stage is to identify what fabrics need to be sourced in order to develop your designs. Do you have printed garments in the collection for which we need to source print houses? How big is the collection? Will you need to use a large manufacturer or will you require a smaller set up/sample house? Do you require any new developments/innovations to achieve your vision? All of these first initial questions (amongst others) will lead onto the next level of sourcing, and the majority of the answers will be explored during the Creative Design & Technical Design steps.

  • Fabrics - Once ‘ideal’ fabric aesthetic & fibre content has been identified through the Creative Design process, it’s time to source fabrics which are suitable for manufacture. We will either start looking through our fabric archives to present you with available options for approval or start contacting our broad network & contacts with the industry. We may contact fabric mills directly, speak to an agent or source specific fabrics at industry trade shows such as Premiere Vision, London Textile Fair, Pure London and many more. Sometimes, we may even speak directly to your manufacturer to counter-source fabrics, encouraging a more sustainable manufacturing process.

    If you’d like some live advice and consultation during trade shows we can come with you, to help make sense of the endless possibilities on offer. Alternatively, we can attend on your behalf and present you with suitable options and inspiration after the event!

  • Trims - This is similar to the fabric sourcing process.

  • Manufacturer, Sampling & Dye/Wash houses - This is dependent on a number of factors such as the size of the collection and the minimums that can be achieved from a manufacturer/budget point of view. Furthermore, all manufacturing countries specialise in a certain type of product, so where is technically most suitable? Therefore, the most ideal manufacturing location can be advised once the collection/designs are approved.

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