As an Apparel Design Agency, we generally work with a lot of sportswear and fashion start up brands. We love how excited our clients are to begin their new adventure and start their own apparel line. When they come to us with their design ideas and plans to build a fashion empire, we find that we spend a long time explaining the whole design - production process.

We love going through the design process with everyone, however it tends to be quite a complicated process to explain, especially when it gets to development and production. It can be a lot of information all at once, and bit of an over load!

To make things easier, we came up with a detailed document which we give to our clients which goes over everything from research, design, technical specs to final production. We have written up the first 3 points of the below list and hope it is useful!


Research, Design & Development Process;

1. Research

2. Creative Design

3. Technical Design

4. Garment Development

5. Garment Sign-Off

Production Process;

A. Sourcing

B. Costing & Budgetting

C. Production Management

D. Manufacture & Logistics 


This is a guide of the Research process we offer. All the steps are in order of how we would usually carry out the research stage from start to finish, and will develop your understanding of how the Research process informs the Design process.

In-depth research comes before any apparel collection is designed and is an integral part of the design process.  As the client, you may feel you would like to choose which areas you wish us to focus on, as you may already have some of the topics covered independently.

Image Coming Soon carry out the research and deliver the results to you in a digital presentation. The resulting presentation is intended to become a ‘Brand Direction’ document which can be referred to throughout the design and development process, to ensure the product is true to your original vision. 

The more thorough your research is, the less hurdles you are likely to come up against as you continue your collection development journey.

Research Topics

  • Target Customer Profile- Who exactly is your customer and how does this inform the creation of your Apparel range?

  • Target Price Point Identification– What are the target prices for your range?

  • Competitor Brand Analysis– What are the other brands doing? 

  • USP and POV- What is your Unique Selling Point (USP) and brand Point of View (POV)

  • Mood & Concept Imagery- What will inspire your apparel collection? 

  • Trend & Style Direction– What trends could inspire and inform your product?

  • Colour Palette & Graphic Direction– What colours and graphics will bring your product to life?

  • Silhouette & Fit Exploration– What items could you include in your range?

  • Fabric & Trim Direction – What surfaces, fabrics and hardware would work well with your product



This is a guide of the Creative Design process we offer. All the steps are in order of how we would usually carry out the Creative Design stage from start to finish. We have created this document so you can understand how the design process is continued following the research process.

This creative design stage follows analysis of the ‘Brand Direction’ presentation. Once you have approved the document and selected which items you would like in the collection, we can proceed with the design stage. The more thorough the research stage is, the more straightforward the designing is!

The Creative Design is carried out and delivered to you in a digital presentation format, to enable you to select the designs you would like to take forward.

  • 2 Dimensional Digital Sketches– These are black and white CADs including Front/ Side/ Back views of each design.

  • Garment Details– Each design option is annotated with information such as trim usage, detail placement and specific construction information relevant to the design.

  • Fabric & Execution OverviewFabric details are advised as well as execution guidance for details such as logo execution.

  • Graphic & Print Direction– If required, placed graphics and/or all-over-repeat graphic ideas will be included in the presentation. 

  • Colour Merchandising– Each CAD will be coloured-up to demonstrate how the items merchandise together and how they look in various colourways, according to your colour palette.

  • Design Options– We provide up to 3 options per style, all of which will include the details described in the bullet points above.

Following feedback and final design approval you will receive:

  • Full Colour Overview; A Merchandising Range Plan with all items and colourways on one page.



This is a guide to the Technical Design process we offer. The Technical Design follows the Creative Design Stage. The more thorough the Creative Design is the more straightforward the Technical Design is! 

The Technical Design stage is the analysis of the designs, ensuring that the garment has been designed and engineered from the inside out. This is also known as Garment Technology and enables us to make innovative construction decisions in order to create comprehensive Technical Specification Documents (Also known as tech packs).

Before your collection is retail-ready, you must communicate your designs to your manufacturer to enable them to make prototypes for your approval. The Technical Specification Documents are a comprehensive guide to enable a factory to 100% understand your product, and therefore produce high quality prototypes for each of your designs. Therefore, every item within your collection requires a digital Technical Specification Document which we can create for you.

Technical Specification Components

  • Technical & Construction Detail Sketches- The CAD is broken down into detail sketches to create a kind of ‘blue-print’ of the design. The technical sketches provide an outline of how the garment works, to ensure the design is understood as thoroughly as possible from the inside out!

  • Design Components- The item includes a wide variety of components which are put together to ‘build’ the garment. These components include all fabrics, trims, colour specifications, execution and graphics. If your design includes brand specific trims or require artworks for specific components, these artworks will be included in the package. The factory use the list of components & specifications to develop/order all components for manufacture.

  • Sample Measurement Specification- The design requires a set of measurements for one size (eg; size Small) which will be used to make your 1st prototype. The factory will use the measurement specification alongside a reference garment to produce the pattern pieces in order to manufacture your first prototype. 

Please note; in terms of sizing, you generally only need to specify one size at this stage. This size becomes the brand ‘Sample Size’ and enables you to fit to a standard throughout the development process.

The above information describes how we can support you from a Garment Design & Development perspective. For more information on how we can support you in parallel from a Production Process perspective, please review Steps A-D via the links on the front page.


Thank you for reading!

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