4. Garment Development


The following information is a guide to allow you to understand the Garment Development process that follows the Technical Design stage. Once the Technical Specification Documents have been handed over to the factory, the Garment Development process begins! This stage is ongoing; and the length of this stage depends greatly on factors such as how thorough all stages to date have been, as well as how effectively the relationship with your suppliers is being guided and managed. 

The Garment Development journey is often long and winding, but we can support you throughout! The below timeline outlines the steps that we support you through to ensure a smooth garment development process.

Garment Development Timeline

  • Prototype Receipt –The factory have used the Technical Specification Document in order to make your prototype. The prototype is then sent to you for analysis and feedback. 

  • Prototype Measurement & Quality Analysis – The prototype must be measured and the results recorded to analyse how it compares to the required measurements as provided in the Measurement Specifications. The prototype is also analysed for Quality Assurance.

  • Prototype Fitting - Your prototype is fitted on a Fit Model, and the shape and fit of the garment can be tweaked and altered accordingly. The prototype can be pinned and manipulated however necessary to best reflect the changes that you would like to see on the next prototype. 

  • Fit Comments - All changes made during the fitting must be commented on within the Technical Specification Document. 

  • Design, Technical & Measurement Specification Updates - In parallel with Fit Comments, all information regarding the changes to the design must be updated within the Technical Specification Document. This, in combination with the Fit Comments; enables the factory to make necessary updates to pattern pieces and construction, meaning the next prototype will reflect any changes which have been requested.

  • Revised Technical Specification Handover;Once approved, the updated Technical Specification Document is handed-over to the factory along with the original prototype in order for the factory to proceed to the next prototype.

Please note; the above description is written in the context of being a single design/garment. This same process applies to all items within your collection. 

The complete Garment Development process is likely to include several prototypes. In unison, there will be an ongoing process of Lab Dip, trim, execution and Strike-Off approvals for your range. Image Coming Soon can work alongside you throughout this process and provide different levels of support depending on your needs. A smooth Garment Development timeline is largely reliant on the thorough completion of the Technical Specification Documents as in the previous Technical Design stage. 

The above information describes how we can support you from a Garment Design & Development perspective. For more information on how we can support you in parallel from a Production Process perspective, please review Steps A-D via the links on the front page.