B. Costing & Budgetting

The Production Process

We support with costing and setting up your budget for the entire production side of creating your collection. We know how to budget to help to ensure that you will not exceed your budget due to unexpected hiccups along the way!

The Costing & Budgetting process;

  • Collection Handover - Once the sourcing process has been carried out, the manufacturer and the fabrics should be confirmed. Therefore, it’s time to send the Technical Specification Documents to the manufacturer to provisionally start costing up the collection. Once we’ve gathered all of this information, we can start working on your development budget followed by a production budget.

  • CMT or FF price? - CMT (Cut, Make, Trim) and FF (Fully Factored) are costing formats which vary in suitability depending on your needs. The sourcing process will inform which costing format is best for you, and we can advise on this to ensure it’s the best route for you and your collection. The budget we provide you with will vary depending on which costing format is selected.

  • Development Budget - This is the first key costing exercise for you to analyse and consider. We will provide you with a development budget, so you can see a complete breakdown of the price to develop your collection.

  • Is there anything else to consider? - It’s time to remember all of the add-on costs including; reference samples for fit reference, sampling fabric or trim purchases to help develop the collection, costs of screens for screen-printing, moulds for new trim developments and washing/printing/dying costs. These are all added to the development budget to help ensure you have a full & transparent view of the complete cost of collection development.

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