• Service Offer & Quoting

In general, we find it works best to break large projects up into into smaller ‘tasks’, and therefore provide separate packages/quotes/invoices per task within the wider Service Offer. This results in a clear step-by-step process, meaning that you have a lot of flexibility in terms of budget as well as brand direction. 

For each task within the process, we provide you with a formal quote and Project Cover Sheet along with a copy of our terms and conditions, to ensure that both parties are 100% clear on the services that will be carried out and the resulting cost of service.

  • Ongoing Relationship

We provide bespoke packages for every client, therefore we will work alongside you to interpret your needs and provide you with a service offer which suits you at every stage within the process. You therefore won’t be tied-in to a long-term relationship unless this is discussed and agreed upon as part of your package.

If you decide that you would like to utilise one or two of our services but not the entire process as described in the Design, Development & Production Process Breakdown, that is absolutely possible; we are here to carry out smaller tasks within the broader service offer where necessary. 




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