An Introduction to the Research, Design, Development & Production Process

Design Process Graph.png

At Image Coming Soon, we are constantly working to provide you with all of the support you need to carry out a complete Design, Development & Production Process and produce the apparel collection of your dreams!

We have two teams who work in parallel throughout the process as illustrated in the graph above. One team are specialists in the Research, Design & Development Process (Stages 1-5) and the other’s area of expertise is the Production Process (Stages A-D)

To ensure you understand our service offer and process as clearly as possible, we have put together a comprehensive guide to our services. The graph above in combination with the links below will help you piece together the journey ahead and explain how we can work alongside you to navigate your way through the complete process.

As you progress through the guide, you will see that the stages overlap and inform each-other at times, so feel free to use the links at the bottom of each page to switch between steps and have a recap if you need to!

At the bottom of the list in the ‘Additional Tools & Information’ section, you can also find a handy Dictionary of Terms as well as some FAQ’s. Any key words throughout the guide are also linked to the Dictionary, so if in doubt click the orange word and scroll down to find out the meaning.

Research, Design & Development Process;

1. Research

2. Creative Design

3. Technical Design

4. Garment Development

5. Garment Sign-Off

Production Process;

A. Sourcing

B. Costing & Budgetting

C. Production Management

D. Manufacture & Logistics 

Additional Tools & Information;

Dictionary of Terms