Let’s Get To Know You!

All of the below subjects/topics are areas where we can support you. We will explain all topics when we chat following this questionnaire, so if you are not sure of any of the questions/answers at the moment it’s no problem at all!

Feel free to leave blank and we can discuss in more detail in due course.

Please complete the form below;

For example: My brand collection is for men/ women who work out in the gym so the pieces will be functional/ technical. However, I also want them to be casual looking and be able to wear in the day when out and about
For example: Let us know which brands you like or wish your collection to be similar to. Ie : Gymshark seamless collection or Lululemon for prints, or Nike for style details. Please send any reference imagery, especially for the garments you want designed. Ie – tracksuit, t-shirt, legging, yoga pant…etc
Do you have a story? For example: you want to focus on garments for body builders so your story is all about sculpture, and form fitting pieces. The consumer is urban, youthful and fit. Their lifestyle is clean living, modern and colours are industrial. OR maybe your story is sustainability so your collection is eco friendly. Your consumer lives by the sea and sun, the colours are natural…etc
For example: 18-35 Mens and Womens
Do you have a unique selling point?
For Example: Mid range legging to be est: £45-65, tops est : £35-45
Before any collection is designed, we create mood boards and story boards to give us a design starting point. We research future trends, styles, colours, graphics & shapes which enable us to create a clear creative direction and therefore design with a cohesive running theme. If you have any research imagery or pinterest boards you’d like to share with us, please specify below so we can discuss in more detail following completion of this questionnaire.
Do you have an Idea of what colours you want?
Will any of your garments require graphics?
If you have a logo, please send this through before or during the design stage.
How many items would you like to design & develop? For Example: 1 x hoodie, 1 x t-shirt, 1 x sports bra etc. If you are unsure about specific items but do know how many items, please tell us how many.
The development of a new collection requires technical design & garment technology. We are technical design specialists, and can produce highly detailed documents which can be handed over to factories for garment development & manufacture. Is this an area where you feel you will require support?
We are able to assist you with basic and fully technical fabric development.
Whether it's just advice you need or full production & development help, we are able to assist you in these areas.
If you have budget for your collection, then this is handy for us to know.
If you have a deadline, please let us know so that we can do our best to schedule & book in your project.