2. Creative Design


This is a guide of the Creative Design process we offer. All the steps are in order of how we would usually carry out the Creative Design stage from start to finish. We have created this document so you can understand how the design process is continued following the research process.

This creative design stage follows analysis of the ‘Brand Direction’ presentation. Once you have approved the document and selected which items you would like in the collection, we can proceed with the design stage. The more thorough the research stage is, the more straightforward the designing is!

The Creative Design is carried out and delivered to you in a digital presentation format, to enable you to select the designs you would like to take forward.

Creative Design 

  • 2 Dimensional Digital Sketches– These are black and white CADs including Front/ Side/ Back views of each design.

  • Garment Details– Each design option is annotated with information such as trim usage, detail placement and specific construction information relevant to the design.

  • Fabric & Execution OverviewFabric details are advised as well as execution guidance for details such as logo execution.

  • Graphic & Print Direction– If required, placed graphics and/or all-over-repeat graphic ideas will be included in the presentation. 

  • Colour Merchandising– Each CAD will be coloured-up to demonstrate how the items merchandise together and how they look in various colourways, according to your colour palette.

  • Design Options– We provide up to 3 options per style, all of which will include the details described in the bullet points above.

Following feedback and final design approval you will receive:

  • Full Colour Overview; A Merchandising Range Plan with all items and colourways on one page.