5. Garment Sign-Off


The results of the Garment Developmentprocess is the Garment Sign-Off. Once a garment is signed-off, it means that your collection is approved to move forward into the manufacture of retail-ready products. This is the last stage of the garment development process; and means that you are 100% ready for the factory to proceed with production.

This stage is very dependent on decisions you have made within the Garment Development and/or Production Process (see the Production Process for more information).

Garment Sign-Off

  • SMS Sample Receipt – The factory have used the most up-to-date version of the Technical Specification Document in order to make your Production Sample. This should be the last sample you receive and the result of previous prototype fittings/updates/comments within the Garment Development process.

  • SMS Sample Measurement & Quality Analysis – The SMS Sample must be measured and the results recorded to analyse how it compares to the required measurements as provided in the Measurement Specifications. The sample is also analysed for Quality Assurance. The results of this analysis should be as close to perfect as possible at this stage.

  • SMS Sample Fitting - Your sample is again fitted on a Fit Model to approve the fit. By this stage the fit should be ready for approval. 

  • Fit Comments - All changes made during the fitting must be commented on within the Technical Specification Document. There should be little to no comments at this stage.

  • Design, Technical & Measurement Specification Updates - In parallel with Fit Comments, all information regarding the changes to the design must be updated within the Technical Specification Document. As above, there should be very few updates to be made at this stage. This production sample should be approved as received!

  • Revised Technical Specification Handover - Once approved, the updated and final Technical Specification Document is handed-over to the factory along with the SMS Sample in order for the factory to proceed to the next step (see Step D of the Production Process for more information).

Please note; the above description is written in the context of being a single design/garment. This same process applies to all items within your collection. 

The above information describes how we can support you from a Garment Design & Development perspective. For more information on how we can support you in parallel from a Production Process perspective, please review Steps A-D via the links on the front page.