D. Logistics

The Production Process


Since the Production Process has kicked off and therefore your collection is being manufactured by the factory, it’s time to think logistically. We can manage all of this for you, we’re by your side until your collection is received and ready to be sold!


  • Delivery Location - Do you have an existing warehouse that we can arrange for the collection to be delivered to? Or, do you need us to recommend/source a Distribution Centre (DC)/Warehouse to receive the collection?

  • Production Sample Approval - Prior to Bulk Shipment, there’s just one more sample per item to Quality Control. These are called Production Samples. Bulk garments won’t be shipped by the manufacturer without you having received a Production Sample and a QC report. Once you have received, quality checked and approved the Production Sample and QC report, the go-ahead for bulk shipment to your DC/Warehouse can be given.

  • Packaging - DC’s/Warehouses need to receive collections in a certain way in order for them to be stored and processed correctly. These packaging requirements include swing tickets, brand labels, woven labels & care labels. These components must be managed and approved to ensure that everything is labelled/barcoded accordingly. This means that goods can be scanned in to the DC/Warehouse and you will therefore receive a report of everything that has been delivered into the warehouse.


By time you reach this stage, your collection is complete and ready to be distributed for sale/retail.

We hope that this guide has been a helpful tool to aid your understanding of the Garment Design, Development & Production Process. Our service offer enables us to support you along every step of the way, if required.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions at all, we’d love to chat further about how we can help you build your collection!