C. Production Management

The Production Process


The Production Management process is predominantly ensuring that daily contact with the manufacturer is maintained. We take this time consuming task out of your hands! Our priority during this step is to make sure that everything is running smoothly and to make sure that contact can always be made if the manufacturer has any queries or concerns at any step along the way.

Production Management Tasks;

  • Critical Path Creation & Management - In order to ensure that the production process runs in line with your key milestones such as launch date, we create a Critical Path for you. Production management ensures that everything is in line with this critical path and that the manufacturer meets all of the stages specified. It is important for us to ensure every stage of the critical path is completed on time because if anything is running late it has a significant knock-on effect on the next stage of the process.

  • Approval of Components - Now that the Creative Design & Technical Design stages of the process (Steps 2 & 3) are complete, every component of every garment must be approved. All components have been specified on the Technical Specification Documents that the design team have created for you. Approval must be given for everything from bulk fabrics, trims, swing tickets/woven labels, bulk lab dips, prints/printed fabric and everything in between! Each of these components will have a lead time, so we need to chase these to ensure they come in at the right time according to the critical path.

  • Receipt of 1st Prototypes - Is the manufacturer on track to send these to you on time? We will chase to ensure they are! Once received, the Garment Development (Step 4) process begins.

  • Receipt of 2nd Prototypes - As explained on the Garment Development (Step 4) page, the manufacturer will action any changes as a result of 1st Prototype fittings. Then, we will chase for a 2nd prototype! We will keep measuring, fitting, analysing, requesting prototypes and updating Technical Specification Documents until you are ready to proceed to SMS samples.

  • Receipt of SMS samples - These are the final samples you receive before product sign-off. These are correct according to the Technical Specification Documents using the correct fabrics and trims. For more information, take a look at Garment Sign-Off (Step 5) within the Design & Development process. Once the SMS samples have been approved/signed-off, Production of your collection will begin!

  • Confirmation of Final Collection Prices - Final pricing can be calculated once the Prototypes and SMS samples within the Garment Development & Garment Sign-Off processes have been signed-off. There are always minor changes during the Development process, and therefore final prices are updated to reflect these changes.